The History of Our School

Penrhyn Church in Wales School may be a new addition on the list of educational sites, but it has roots that reach deep in the surrounding communities of Pembrokeshire.

Upon opening the doors of its brand new, state of the art building in 2017, Penrhyn School gave every impression of being a ‘new’ school. In reality, it is the result of the successful amalgamation of three significant local schools; Orielton, Angle and Stackpole.

The school logo, based on the Celtic triquetra, pays tribute not only to the school’s religious character (through its association with the holy trinity) but also to the union of the three historic schools. The logo is a simple one, consisting of three connected points, each representing one of the three communities, plus the overlapping circle that links them indefinitely.

Though the initial years of the schools existence were plagued by national lockdown, this only served to strengthen the community’s link with the building and with the school itself.

The school was met with more significant change in September 2022 when a new headteacher was appointed, along with two new class teachers. The change was resoundingly positive and once more the community grew closer and the identity of the school become more pronounced.