Sport at Penrhyn School

Here at Penrhyn School, we are incredibly proud of the effort and commitment shown to sport. We run a variety of different sports clubs throughout the year; football, netball, cricket, rounders, cycling and running to name just a few. Clubs are well attended with the children approaching them with enthusiasm, enjoyment and a healthy dose of competitiveness.


Every child from Year 2 – Year 6 attend swimming lessons for two out of the three terms each acadmeic year. The goal is to improve their water confidence and swimming technique. Years 5 and 6 also cover life saving. At the end of each year we have our swimming gala where the children compete in houses for the swimming cup.

Small Schools Community

As a smaller school, we work closely with the other small schools in the area and have developed a close, supportive (and slightly competitive) community. Through this, we are able to offer a constant stream of small scale, enjoyable competitions alongside the larger scale events that we regularly attend.

Athletics and Cross Country

To add to the success of our running club, we have seen an improvement in participation in cross country and athletics. When the summer term comes around, we have many athletics meets within the small schools community, where both boys and girls teams compete against other children within their age group. Penrhyn School has performed especially well at the cross country events that we have attended.

Enrichment Activities

Our Friday afternoons are spent on enrichment activities; the choices offered range greatly and change termly. We offer sessions from a mix of teaching staff, parent volunteers and professional agencies. Both children and parents engage meaningfully with our enrichment  activities which provide a balance of life skills, new hobbies and genuine enjoyment. To date, our enrichment activities have included; cooking, craft, board game design, rugby, gardening, theatre club and sailing. We are always open to new ideas and welcoming new volunteers.