Values & Aims

As a Church school we aim to develop a Christian ethos and understanding of the Christian faith within the spirituality of every aspect of school life.

General Aims

  • For each child to reach their full potential spiritually, physically and intellectually.
  • To provide a range of resources, learning opportunities and experiences.
  • To target work for each child’s age, aptitude and ability.
  • To provide a positive ethos for learning through inner confidence and self-motivation.

Academic Aims

Our aim is that each child should:

  • Listen attentively with comprehension.
  • Read accurately and fluently with expression, understanding and discrimination.
  • Communicate clearly in speech and writing with good standards of spelling, punctuation and syntax.
  • Learn and use mathematical computational skills with accuracy and speed.
  • Be able to apply the acquired literacy and numeracy skills in everyday situations.
  • Develop skills required by all aspects of the National Curriculum:
              – observation
              – enquiry
              – collection of information
              – co-operation
              – sorting
              – recording
              – interpretation and communication
  • Acquire a good general knowledge through studying all aspects of the National Curriculum.
  • Acquire physical confidence, agility and co-ordination.
  • Develop an aesthetic appreciation of the arts.

Moral and Social Aims 

  • Create a caring environment in which children feel happy and secure, confident and valued.
  • Instil positive attitudes of good manners and behaviour, respect and responsibility.
  • Help children grow as individuals and also as sharing, caring members of a group.

Other Aims


  • Concentrate on the main task of educating children.
  • Have good relationships between all staff.
  • Have good relationships between pupils and teachers.
  • Have good relationships between parents and staff.
  • Make the best use of valuable resources.
  • Make the best use of people’s skills.
  • Welcome the involvement of the community in school life.
  • Play a full part in the community of which the school is a vital part.

Penrhyn School Pulling Together

Our Boat Garden and Reflection Area

We Value Nature & the Outdoors

Together, Stronger.

Sustainable living and enterprise are at the heart of our ethos.